Sunday, December 30, 2007

Flights booked

...for the 20 week ultrasound!

March 12th: Oslo - Amsterdam - Seattle - Redmond/OR. Same way back on the 16th. (Thats a total of 4 airports and 6 flights in 4 days, ladies and gents..! Did I hear anyone say "jetlag"?!!)
My amazing surrogate has offered to accomodate me, which I have gladly accepted.

Now, I am used to BIG airplanes and I have traveled A LOT (my mom was a flight attendant/purser for 35 years) - but - the return flight from Oregon to Seattle has like a total of -9- seat rows.. :insert scary smiley here: Yes, I'm surprised you can even call it an airplane!! So, cross your fingers that I will make it back home alive.

But hey - in "only" 72 days I will know if its a boy or a girl !!!

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