Thursday, January 3, 2008

Angel in Heaven

I wish I never had to post this. 2008 was supposed to be the most amazing year of my life.

We would have been 10 weeks and 2 days today, but at the ultrasound there was no heartbeat.
I don't think it has dawned on me yet, but it probably will full force very soon.

I don't really know what else to say right now... I will try to update later.


Tanya/SweetPickles said...

Petter, I am so so sorry. My heart is broken for you. You will be in my prayers, and I hope you are able to find some peace in your heart.

Lynnette said...

OMG. I'm so sorry. You and your little angel are in my thoughts.

Lynlee said...

Okay, so it started off super-shitty. But I'm certainly still holding out hope that 2008 is the year your dreams come true. And I won't be convinced to believe differently.

If you weren't something like 6,000 miles away I would come give you the biggest hug. I'm so sorry.

Tina/momtodeshawn said...

I'm so sorry Petter! I do hope you give it another try! Your dreams still can come true. My heart is with you! *hugs*

Jeff /jeffandmike said...

Hey Petter,
Mike and I are thinking of you and your little angel. We know it will take time to heal your heart but we hope you can and will try again. Big Hugs.... J and M

Geir said...

Føler veldig med deg Petter. Ord trøster vel ikkje så masse, men du er fremdeles en ung mann og drømmene dine kan fortsatt gå i oppfyllelse.

SMOguys said...

We are so sorry for your loss.

My Unborn Child

by Marigrace Iodice

I never got to see your face
Or even give you a name
But in my heart, you hold a special place
And for that, I would never be the same

I’ll never hear you laugh or cry
Or hold you in my arms tenderly
I’ll never know the color of your eyes
But I will still love you endlessly

I never got to hold your hand
I never got to sing you a lullaby
I will never come to understand
Why murderers run free and innocent souls die

I’ll always have my suspicions
Why God took you from me
All these unanswered questions
That would burn inside of me

Forever saddened upon this Earth
Crying for you, my unborn child
Never blessed by your birth.
But I’ll be here, unable to smile

You are my shining light in heaven
For one of God’s angels to love
Until I get my wings to descend
She’ll take care of you, for me, in Heaven above

You’ll be my Guiding Light to Heaven’s Gate
Where I’ll get to see your Angelic Smile
And even if I never got to see your face
I’ll know in an instant that you are my unborn child!

Nicole said...

Petter, I'm really sorry. You will continue to be in my thoughts. =(...

LKRegula said...

Petter- This will be an awesome year for you. It may have started off with a bump, but every hurdle makes the win that much sweeter. I know you're *so* strong to be doing this already, but like my grandmother always said, "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger." Hugs, hun!

Hanne said...

Fryktelig trist å høre dette. Kan bare ane hvordan det må føles for deg nå. Håper våren bringer nye muligheter på veien mot å bli far :) Stor klem fra Hanne

Bump Fairy said...


OK, Mister. UPDATE!

Litos said...

Hey my Drito!

thinngs will work out the best this year.. hey!! it s just a try remember??? dont give up in ur dreams and never never forget how much i love u and miss u. we keep u up babe!! and remember things are always for a great reason so keep smiling and dont give ur energy away... just think positive and things will wokr magicly
love u from all my heart
miss you and 2008 will be an amazing year.. u will see. I promise..
good vibe to u
and hugs from the other side