Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Starting over

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my blog now. Well, not more than two weeks, but I am guessing that qualifies as an eternity to some of the readers (no names mentioned)! Understandably, the past few days have been very difficult. Losing the baby at 10 weeks, when everything had been going so perfect - pregnant at the very first try, high beta numbers and a strong heartbeat. Accepting that this baby is no more, well, it took some time. But I am starting to see things in a different light now. I will of course love this baby forever and it will never ever be forgotten. But I am coming to accept the fact that this was not meant to be.. while knowing that it WILL happen when the time is right. These things happen, it’s the hard reality of life. Hopefully it will make me stronger and the end of the journey will be an even bigger blessing.

So, what’s happening now?

What is for sure, is that I am moving on to new territory..... a brand new blog! Ta-daa. My newly created blog at Wordpress can be accessed here. More choices, better layouts and better security... and - a fresh start for a new journey.

See you on the other side! :-)


CresceNet said...
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