Friday, November 9, 2007

Embryo update

I contacted Dr. Sahakian today for an update of the development of the eggs. Of the 10 eggs that fertilized, 8 are looking great! What a big relief! Can't wait for Sunday to come around... it's going to be one LONG weekend.

We have managed to get our friend Lynlee to fly in from Kansas to take care of Sabrina while she is on bedrest. She has had three successful transfers and I am really happy that she will be able to be there for Sabrina since I can't. Lynlee, I'm trusting you will take great care of her and keep her twitchiness to a minimum (well, at least for the first 24 hours ;-)


Lynlee said...

I promise to take very good care of her. I know someone who could use a new friend and that won't happen until you become a pappa. ;)

Bump Fairy said...

I will not be twitchy, I will not be twitchy, I will not be twitchy...

Sigh. I won't. Promise