Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fertilization report

A total of 15 eggs were retrieved yesterday, and out of those 10 fertilized!!! The embryos will be left to grow for the next few days until they reach the Blastocyst stage at day 5 in culture. I will probably know the quality of each embryo prior to the transfer on Sunday morning. With ten eggs fertilized I am crossing my fingers that there will be a decent number of high quality blasts to choose from.

I won't deny that I have been scaringly close to a nervous breakdown for the past two days (imagine me in the 2ww..), but now everyhting is just pure joy. What a happy, happy day!!!!


Bump Fairy said...

Oh!! No nerves! no no no! Things are going to go perfectly. One big healthy blast will snuggle himself in and make himself comfortable for a good 38 weeks. I have [b][i]absolutely no doubts[/b][/i].

( is it working? Is it my turn to be the calm one?)

Bump Fairy said...

Hmmmm. My tags didn't work.
Well, imagine ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBTS in a loud, screaming, excited and positive voice.

Lynlee said...

I second the "no doubts" clause. I will be there to threaten Dr. S into getting her pregnant, too.